The next generation
of Half-pads
is here

We take pride in our work to offer innovative and  medical material  for you & your horse.


Custormer's Feedback

Lisa Almesjö - Sweden

Rider & owner 

"For many years, I have searched for a half-pad that is thin enough to fit my round horse, , while still providing shock absorbing properties. The Siaa pad fits well with my dressage saddle, as well as with my jumping saddle and it provides great comfort both for me and for my horse"

Melanie Raille - France

International Groom 5*

"I love this half-pad because it's easy to place on the back of the horse  and under the saddle, you can feel that it fits very well . Finally, my saddles doesn't move anymore  ! "

Julie Dossin - Belgium 

International Dressage Rider 

"The Dressage Half-pad is discret and in the same time you immediately feel a difference wether in the comfort for you horse  but also for the rider. "


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1640 - St-Genesius-Rode, BELGIUM

VAT Number : BE06 635 68 981



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