Why the ISHA Half-Pad ? 

Proactively prevent back pain for me and my horse.

For the horses ? 

My horse is sensitive on his back.
My horse has back pain, he is followed-up by a veterinarian, osteopath and / or physiotherapist and I would like to give him more comfort everyday.
My horse is stiff and takes time to warm-up.
My horse is reluctant and not relaxed. 
My saddle is moving when i'm riding and causes back pain on my horse - a good saddle is the base ; the half-pad involves the balance and the grip of the saddle, but 'll never change a bad saddle in a 100% adapted one for the horse and the rider.
I would like to improve the biomechanics of my horse : jumping (wither and shoulders free) , dressage movements..

And for the horse rider ?

I have medical history.
I have back pain when I'm ridding one or different horses.
My horse moves really well but causes me back pain because of his biomechanics.
My adductors are painful because of too many thickness between the horse and the saddle.
I have a sensation of tired back after few days riding intensively as during competitions, home training..