Finally a shock absorber that cushions by staying in contact with your horse : the best combination of comfortperfomance and elegance


As ISHA means "protection" in the Amerindian Language, the design was conceived and realized according to the biomechanics of the horse thanks to our team of vet, physio , professionnal riders and grooms to preserve the rider and horse back ! 

ISHA Dressage - 2cm

    1. Shock Absorber Elastomer which is capable of absorbing and then dispersing the shockwaves generated from your back and the horse-back.
    2. Medical Memory Foam - two different densities in 12 mooving parts for the comfort - totally customisable. 
    3. Alcantara Tissu on the top - for a better fixation of your saddle.
    4. Filet 3D Tissu under - for a good ventilation.
    5. Thickness : 2cm - perfect for more than 1 horse to ride. 
    6. Whashable in totality thanks to the Velcro Opening - No Dryer.
    7. HANDMADE in the Kingdom of BELGIUM


Head Office : Toekomstlaan 16

1640 - St-Genesius-Rode, BELGIUM

VAT Number : BE06 635 68 981



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